Office 365: SharePoint Online and the cloud-based website

Office 365: SharePoint Online and the cloud-based website

Summary: A series covering Office 365 in depth: in this screenshot gallery, a look at SharePoint Online and your cloud-based website.


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  • SharePoint Online also includes the suite of Office Web Apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Web Apps, allowing you to work on slimmed-down versions of the desktop applications to work on documents.

    Read more about Office 365 for businesses here, or for Office 365 for education over here. Or, to see the corresponding post to this article here.

  • Creating a new document is easy. Simply select the format in which the file should be (Word, PowerPoint, Excel or OneNote) and type in the document name.

  • Word Web App is a slimmed down version of Microsoft Word 2010, as are the rest of the Office Web Apps. Word Web App is automatically updated by the folks at Microsoft, so as and when new features arise, these will appear seamlessly. 

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  • Re: Title you put on the example

    Well, at least it is a clean design (and not some narcissistic designer's idea of a web site)
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: Office 365: SharePoint Online and the cloud-based website

    Question: Is this an Intranet web site or an Internet (Extranet) website?