Office 365: SharePoint Online and the cloud-based website

Office 365: SharePoint Online and the cloud-based website

Summary: A series covering Office 365 in depth: in this screenshot gallery, a look at SharePoint Online and your cloud-based website.


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  • As a site administrator, you are able to create custom pages without having to concern yourself with basic HTML or advanced coding.

  • The site is WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") and is also mobile enabled, allowing you to write and insert whatever you want - from meetings to important notes and documents - and mobile users can see these documents and notes too.

  • The team site shows documents and notes that you can configure. It also has a 'Facebook status' like interface where by your users and colleagues and those connected to the site can leave messages and status updates depending on what they are doing.

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  • Re: Title you put on the example

    Well, at least it is a clean design (and not some narcissistic designer's idea of a web site)
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: Office 365: SharePoint Online and the cloud-based website

    Question: Is this an Intranet web site or an Internet (Extranet) website?