Office and computer pranks

Office and computer pranks

Summary: What better way to welcome back coworkers from an extended vacation than an amusing practical joke?


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  • Jaek's victim was a good sport about the prank. "She knows that we will mess with her when she goes away," Jaek noted.

    Submitted by Jaek Muran
  • Pranksters converted this cubicle's empty, wasted space into a cozy lounge--perfect for an after-lunch nap or sleeping during those boring conference calls.

  • These pranksters were definitely filled with the holiday spirit. Perhaps a few of Santa's elves had run amuck in the building.

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  • I've seen better

    When the CEO of the company retired, and the VP of R&D was promoted to take his place, the new CEO found himself in a new office, inside the men's room.

    But the best practical joke I've ever seen at work involved a coworker with a most annoying ringtone on his phone. While he was out, he had left his phone in his cubicle. The Joker then put the phone into the computer tower case and crated the computer in multiple layers of packing materials. When the phone owner returned, the joker called the phone.
  • old and done before

    I saw the link to this in your email. I expected some repeats but i have seen every one of these before. Not to mention most of them were the same prank done to different extremes. Just post the best one and move on.
    • RE: extremes

      The tinfoil ones IMHO have gone past the extreme; and around here, would be reason to see a promised raise [b]evaporate immediately[/b].

      My boss is one that [b]does not like practical jokes[/b]; something I was 'informed' of, the day I started work.
  • Spellcheck!

    "Perhaps a few of Santa's elves had run amuck in the building."

    That's "amok." I realize it's "only the internet," but the footer on the page says "A CNET Professional Brand."
    big red one
    • spellcheck!

      makes me wonder if it's possible to "walk amok?" (swim? fly? dance?)
  • Shredded paper

    A long time ago in a job (not that) far away, I returned from a week away to find my office door window and opening at the bottom seemingly filled with shredded paper. It LOOKED like the fine lads had completely filled my office with shreddings, but it was just applied to the door to appear that way.

    So not really much of a mess but it did give me pause...
  • Dead monitor

    Some of the monitors/terminals in our offices had a tinted plastic screen cover. It was quite simple to slip a piece of paper behind this which made the screen go 'dark'.

    I'm not sure this was more of a prank on the user or the technician who showed up to fix or replace the monitor.
  • Here's Two

    When I came back from vacation I couldn't log into the system. Took me awhile to find out someone had swapped two key caps on the keyboard----needed these in the user ID. Another time we put a pager above the managers ceiling and had it set to vibrate. Then let everyone know the number to call. Drove him crazy for weeks--it would go off at odd times, when someone just decided to call.
  • My Practical Joke...

    One time I had to get a NEW Video Card & install it in a co-worker's PC. After I did this, I found out that one of the OPTIONS feature allowed me to FLIP the display at 90 degree angles. Before I returned the PC to the owner, I flipped the display 180 degrees (upside down). She came back to her office & turned on the PC and a couple of minutes later she YELLED for me to come help.

    I calmly walked into her office & asked what the problem was and she just pointed to the PC. I pretended to try & diagnose the problem & then just calmly announced that this was no problem. I told her that all she had to do was crawl under the desk and make sure the Monitor cables didn't get tangled while I (Physically) turned her monitor upside down on her desk & then placed it on the desk (in the upside down position).

    If everyone could have seen the look on her face as she started to do what I had instructed her to do - PRICELESS!!!
  • much better

    The pranks in the comments are more original than all the ones in the article.