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  • 3.0 beta installation

  • Complex .docx document displayed in Word 2007

  • Complex .docx document displayed in Writer 3.0 beta

Topics: Collaboration, Microsoft, Software

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  • be very caeful

    I had a crash and had to reload my OS (Windows XP. That went okay, but I had no backup for Windows Offoice. I was on deadline so I downloaded had no backup for Office so I downloaded Open Office 2.3.

    When I down loaded my Word docs from my backup drive and tried to resave to the format I was using for transmitting word files (rich text), all became garbled beyond repair (for me, anyway). Not just the file I was working on. So back to Office for me.
    • Re: "be very careful"

      Such are the foibles of working with Beta software. If you weren't expecting something to go wrong, you were wearing "rose-colored glasses".

      Donald L McDaniel
  • RE: ( 3.0 beta)

    Open office has had a lot of compatability problems between MS office and itself...
    I am inclined to think that it may stem from license issues...
    Pity as i prefer OO to ms office...
    Hopefully one day they will cure it, wonder if there commercial version Star Office has the same issues...
  • RE: ( 3.0 beta)

    I haven't yet had a chance to try OO.o 3.0 but have been using 2.3 then 2.4. Like most new software, it takes a little mental adjustment but otherwise is fine. The good thing, the really good thing, THE REALLY REALLY GOOD THING is the several hundred dollars that are sitting in MY bank accounbt and not in Bill Gates's! So what more do you need?
    Alan Bowman UK
  • RE: ( 3.0 beta)

    For the most part, a very usable replacement for MS-
    Office. The version that I ran on the Mac was crashing
    when I was playing with the database but I don't really
    expect it to be perfect, after all it is a Beta. I've also been
    using NeoOffice which was built on the OO code base.
    With a little shift in mindset, you can be very successful
    with it. The new MS-Office on either platform is much
    nicer and a great leap from the existing version that OO
    targets. However, if you don't need the new ribbons, UI or
    all the templates, OO is a great replacement. The file
    format idiosyncrasies will likely always exist.
  • RE: ( 3.0 beta)

    Sadly, however, OO still has no replacement for Outlook, nor does it even offer a simple e-mail application. Because of this, it will never replace Office in the Enterprise.

    Donald L McDaniel
    • No Outlook replacement or Evolution?

      When I've played around with Linux distributions I found an email client, Evolution, that promised to have much of the functionality of Outlook. I think I may just check it out again at this link.
      I've been using Thunderbird as my email client and there's a calendar/to-do list addon, but no PIM so Evolution might be my answer.
  • RE: ( 3.0 beta)

    My cheers for OpenOffice Team.
  • Not close to Office 2007

    My soap box racer was a lot of fun and could handle getting me down the hill with regular success, however, it was not a Lexus.

    OpenOffice is fine for what it is, free. Let's not pretend that it is serious competition for Microsoft Office 2007.
    • That would be high praise.

      Who wants something to be close to Office 2007? I've had nothing but trouble from that product.
  • OpenOffice is a serious product

    Whilst there are clearly some compatibility issues with 2007, OpenOffice is a serious business product.

    There is still some way to go as many organisations still use a mix of MS Apps along with OpenOffice.
  • Rendering issues

    The rendering issues noted in the gallery are not unique to MSO/OOo file conversion. They even occur between different versions MS Office.

    Anybody that expects absolute perfection when transferring files between applications needs to rejoin the real world.
  • I use OO exclusively, over 5 years now

    I've had no issues at all. It just works. I've read more than a few posts of people having it crash or various other bugs on this forum and I have no idea what it is that I'm doing right, or what it may be that they are doing wrong. Anyway, I'm very happy with it, and continue to use it, I haven't tried OO3b yet though.
    • Same here

      Quite agree. I have been using OO for years and love the product. No problem.
  • I love OpenOffice many years ago

    I am a Cardiologist and use intensively MSOffice an OpenOffice documents within Linux Elive Gem. I've had no issues. For my daily work, I write in AbiWord. Open Office just works. I've read more than a few posts of people having it crash or various other bugs on this forum and I have no idea what it is that I'm doing right, or what it may be that they are doing wrong. Anyway, I'm very happy with it, and continue to use it, I am now with the 2.2 version of OO.o - Lorenzo Maceiras (Uruguay)