OtterBox iProtection for iPad 3 (Gallery)

OtterBox iProtection for iPad 3 (Gallery)

Summary: The iProtection, which is the successor to the previous DefenderSeries products, is OtterBox's latest in ruggedized cases for the iPad2 and 3.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • While OtterBox has made a lot of effort to reduce overall weight, the case is still one of the heaviest available for the iPad 3 — with the cover on, the iPad 3 in the new Defender weighs just over two pounds and nine ounces, which rivals a lightweight laptop . The iPad 3 is already considerably heavier than the previous generation when naked due to the huge Lithium Ion battery it needs to power the Retina Display, so you’re sacrificing a lot of the lightness of the tablet in the process of protecting it.

  • The iProtection case for iPad 2 and 3 costs $89.95, which is no small price to pay for a case either. But then again, the first time iProtection protects your iPad from a hit on the corner, the side or the front may save you several hundred dollars from having to replace your device.

Topics: iPad, Mobility


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  • solid

    Looks very solid. Industrial strength
  • Did it pass the "Toss Test"?

    But has it passed the "wife toss test"? I recall a certain video clip of yours with certain iPad not surviving, along with everyone cringing in pain when we first saw it land directly on the corner of the pad. :)

    Still, it looks pretty tough. Even though I don't own an iPad, the design concepts could be applied to other devices.
    • Work for me

      Don't know about the Ipad version But I have the one for My Iphone and having had the phone for around a Month I have probably dropped it 20 times. From shirt pocket to Brick paving would have bricked the phone in any other case in my opinion... The Only problem is that I put things down and forget where I put them and Black is not a good colour to find things. Especially Black things which have dropped into crevices between the car seats. Here in Australia I could only buy the Black case and then found out That it come in "Teal" and Orange and Pink. Frankly I would have gone for the Pink because it would have really stood out in my house and it is WAY TO UGLY for any teenage Boy to steal. One of the Nice things about being 48 is that I no longer have to care if anyone thinks I am Gay so I could carry a pink phone. And Find it from where I put it Down. But YEH Bounces Good. The problem with a lot of other cases is that you take the device out of it's protective covering to make a call. And then I drop it while trying to make a call and a cup of tea at the same time. Not Good.
  • Nothing says you're a loser like an Otterbox

    But it protects it when you drop it from your trailer.
    • Otterbox? Loser?

      Well first off, i own the Otterbox Defender for my iPad 3, and i own the Defender for my iPhone 4S as well.
      Number one, why would you be a loser for owning an Otterbox? and how would someone living in a Trailer afford one? your entire comment just screams of Ignorance...
      i am a Man, and i work hard for a living, and i Travel a lot. and the only Case that any of us guys will use it is an Otterbox, the Quality is great, and the size is actually a benefit. i am 6'4 and my hands dwarf the iPhone, and the Otterbox beefs it up a little and provides Excellent protection. and when i held my new iPad it just felt thin, and afraid it would break if it dropped off the coffee table. and with my Otterbox on the iPad it feels strong and sturdy, and it adds no weight that i can notice. i see how people cry about the extra weight. but are you all weaklings too frail to handle a couple extra ounces? the Defender for my iPad is great, and the Grip on the case is way better than the smooth iPad.
      plus the Defender is the best case you can get if you are trying to protect your investment. i would rather spend $90 on the case and know my $700 toy is safer than usual, than buy that stupid screen protector of apples. Otterbox is nothing but quality, and a device for NON-Losers, and i am not replying out of being mean, just your comment felt disrespectful and confusing.
      Well have a nice day, and i hope you give Otterbox another try....
  • ugly thing

    this thing just instantly turned the ipad into a bulky, ugly looking tablet
  • I love my Otterbox Defender for my New iPad!!

    great case!
    i am loyal to Otterbox for their great quality, and ease of mind that i get from the case. it is not the prettiest case, but it is the Best case.
  • Otterbox Defender

    I personally have the Otterbox Defender for my iPad 2 couple with a Bluetooth keyboard. I use it for most work and I've probably dropped both the iPad and keyboard a thousand times. The Defender case is the way to go. It's getting awesome reviews all over the place, even I'd recommend it for anyone who's looking for a durable case at a decent price. ;)