Photo: Cruise ship of the sky?

Photo: Cruise ship of the sky?

Summary: The Aeroscraft concept vehicle could ferry passengers across continents and oceans by 2010.

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    It might look like something from a science fiction movie, but its inventors hope the Aeroscraft concept aircraft represents the future of travel.

    Dubbed the cruise ship in the sky, the 174mph, 400-ton craft is more than an acre in size. Created by California-based Worldwide Aeros, the Aeroscraft is in a category of its own, said inventor Igor Pasternak, who expects the prototype to be completed by 2010. "You can land it on water or snow," he said. "It's a new vision of what can be done in the air."

    When it's completed, the cross between an airship and a plane will ferry passengers across continents and oceans. The company hopes to create both commercial and military versions.

Topic: Tech Industry

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