Photo Gallery: DEMOfall 05 conference

Photo Gallery: DEMOfall 05 conference

Summary: Lenovo demoed the ThinkPad Z60 family which comes in 14- and 15-inch widescreen models. It also has a roll cage (in the foreground), a stiff inner frame similar to how cars are built to withstand crashes.

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Stanford "persuasive technology" researcher B.J. Fogg believes that the over-50 crowd online, especially women, will become avid users of YackPack , an asynchronous instant audio messager. "Our audience will pay for things that give them emotional satisfaction," Fogg said, who founded the company. The Web app will go into testing in mid-November, and Fogg is looking to make deals with organizations like the AARP.

  • Tom Latinovich demoed Jingle Networks' 1-800-FREE411, a free directory assistance service with a pay-per-call advertising model--the advertisers pay. Directory assistance is a highly profitable $8 billion business for the carriers, with service fees per call averaging $1.25, Latinovich said. Over 35,000 merchants, including Terminix, Dominos, ServiceMagic and, are potential advertisers on the new service, although Latinovich wouldn't say how many ads have been served. The software detects the location and determines the SIC code (such as Los Angeles/car repair), and then offer pre-recorded ads, which are often assembled from snippets, such "ten percent off."

  • LightCrafts CEO Dean Tucker calls his company's LightZone the "biggest breakthrough in photo editing software since PhotoShop was first introduced." I'll wait for the reviews from photo editors to see if his claim holds water. A Mac version is due next month, and Windows and Linux early next year. Tucker said that LightZone recognizes and segments the digital negative, and then displays the shapes, light and color values. A ZoneMapper feature controls light and tonal.

Topic: Networking

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