Photo Gallery: DEMOfall 05 conference

Photo Gallery: DEMOfall 05 conference

Summary: Lenovo demoed the ThinkPad Z60 family which comes in 14- and 15-inch widescreen models. It also has a roll cage (in the foreground), a stiff inner frame similar to how cars are built to withstand crashes.

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Not exaclty high tech, but designed completely on digital systems, IMMI showed a child safety car seat that is a big improvement over the current models, company officials said. The seat installs with a simple click, has a five-point harness system and a one-touch adjustment for headrest, harness and buckle strap. The seat also has an aircraft aluminum frame and smart-core foam.

  • Prescott Lee and Kyle Mashima, the founders of FilmLoop, introduced a photo broadcasting network and client application. You can create loops of individual photos and share them with others, who can add or delete from loops by dragging and dropping. The company has deal a with the WorldPictureNetwork, which will produce daily loops covering sports, entertainment and feature stories, as well as event coverage. Companies like Purina have signed on to create branding loops. The coolest FilmLoop demo was creating a photo loop from an Autotrader search, which is updated as new cars are added or sold that match the query.

  • Matt Sanchez and Cliff Boro of VideoEgg launched a Web site plug-in that makes it easy for user to post video on the Web, no matter the format or device. It makes it simple to add video to auction sites, like eBay, and the company will do deals to make its technology available on various blogging and other Web platforms.

Topic: Networking

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