Photo: Robotic jacket has power up its sleeve

Photo: Robotic jacket has power up its sleeve

Summary: Gadgetry from Matsushita could bring new strength to patients suffering from partial paralysis.

TOPICS: Health
  • Matsushita 'power jacket'

    Wearable technology may sometimes come off as little more than a gimmick (consider the video belt buckle). But for some people, it can mean something entirely different--regaining abilities lost to injury or illness.

    This prototype "power jacket" from Matsushita Electric Industrial (parent of consumer electronics company Panasonic) is designed to help patients recover from partial paralysis. Sensors at the elbow and wrist allow a healthy arm to control the eight artificial muscles, which are powered by compressed air, on the paralyzed side. The 4-pound robotic jacket was on display Wednesday at the Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo.

Topic: Health

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