Photo: Scary movie? A tech school kick-off

Photo: Scary movie? A tech school kick-off

Summary: To celebrate its opening on Oct. 28, Calit2 is encouraging people to dress up in costumes for a real-time, multimedia movie.

TOPICS: Hardware
  • Calit2's outside

    To celebrate the opening of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, or Calit2 on Oct. 28, the school is encouraging people to dress up in Halloween costumes to play part in a movie.

    The film, called Specflic, will be acted live by several people located inside the new Calit2 building, a joint project from the University of California at San Diego and UC Irvine. The actors will play the roles of scientists controlling "Inside," a fictional university in 2030 that educates students for free in exchange for labor and their being guinea pigs in lab experiments.

    As Specflic is filmed, the video will be streamed onto five external walls of the institute, including Calit2's main elevator tower and brushed-steel facade. Audience members will watch from the courtyard, where interactive "modules" also let them play a role in the movie through cell phones or laptops.

Topic: Hardware

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