Photos: A day at the solar boat races

Photos: A day at the solar boat races

Summary: Boats powered by solar energy are faced with a 136 mile course and the dreaded "Hell of the North."

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  • cloudy skies

    The race starts and ends in the Frisian capital of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. This year's race began with a major obstacle--note the sky.

  • boat racing

    Two boats race down a Dutch river. The solar boat on the right is a catamaran style vessel, while the boat on the left features two back-to-back drivers. There are one- and two-driver classes in the race.

    Solar energy is also the power behind the North American Solar Challenge for solar race cars.

  • swim test

    Four-person teams compete in the FNSC Solar Challenge, and they must meet two conditions. Each team member must take a turn riding in the boat--and they must all be able to swim.

Topic: Tech Industry

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