Photos: A self-tuning 'acoustic'

Photos: A self-tuning 'acoustic'

Summary: Inventor of Performer automatic tuner installs device in Gibson's Chet Atkins solid-body acoustic guitar.

TOPICS: Hardware

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    The Performer's pitch range on the first (thinnest) string is eight notes, while the range on the remaining five strings is nine notes. Of the system's 229,376 possible tunings, there are at least 60,000 nameable tunings--more harmonic possibilities than most musicians will ever use.

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    As they do in Les Paul, Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, the Performer's electronics and mechanics sit in a well routed into the back of the guitar. Two rows of control buttons are mounted on the front of the instrument, and an LCD display showing the current tuning is routed into the upper edge of the body, making it easy to view while the instrument is being played.

Topic: Hardware

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