Photos: A volcanic view of Augustine

Photos: A volcanic view of Augustine

Summary: After 10 days of relative calm, Alaska's Augustine Volcano roars back to life.

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  • Schneider

    Schneider fills openings in the Web cam's housing. On Jan. 24, the housing and camera were cleaned, the camera was attached to the mount using parachute cord, the heat exchange vents were stuffed with bubble wrap and gray foam, and the housing was resealed.

  • Web camera

    The Web cam on Kodiak Island points toward Augustine's summit. Augustine erupted at 6:48 a.m. on Monday, an event that marked the fourth straight day of eruptions and generated an ash plume that reached almost five miles into the sky above Cook Inlet.

  • Volcano overflight

    The west and north flanks of the Augustine Volcano are pictured during a Jan. 29 observation overflight. Steam and gas on the mid- and lower flanks is from a recent deposit of volcanic-induced fragments on the peak's north flank.

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