Photos: Airships on the fly

Photos: Airships on the fly

Summary: A sky telescope, extrawide-screen floating monitors and wireless tower replacements are some of the new ideas for airships.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • "Zeppy"

    The 2005 Paris Air Show had no shortage of jet planes, but it also featured some more-delicate aircraft. The "Zeppy," for instance, is a helium airship that Frenchman Stephane Rousson (seated) plans to fly across the English Channel.

  • Inside a giant airship

    Here's what the inside of a giant airship looks like.

  • Goodyear blimps

    Everyone knows the Goodyear blimps. A generation of Americans grew up with their aerial camera shots of sporting events and parades.

    The first Goodyear blimp, called the Mayflower (left), was launched in 1929. The Stars and Stripes (below) was used to solicit emergency food and donations in the wake of Hurricane Andrew.

Topic: Hardware

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