Photos: Amphibious 'Quadski' hits the waves

Photos: Amphibious 'Quadski' hits the waves

Summary: U.K.'s Gibbs Technologies unveils commercially viable high-speed amphibian quadbike/all terrain vehicle.

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  • Quadski in the air

    Gibbs Technologies says it has patented more than 60 inventions relating to HSA technology and has technical expertise in areas including hydrodynamics, retracting suspension, water jet technology, cooling, air-water separation and hull design.

    Here, the Quadski takes flight.

  • Aquada crosses channel

    The Quadski utilizes the same high-speed technology found in the Aquada, an amphibian "leisure vehicle" launched by Gibbs in 2003. Simply press a button and drive into the water. The wheels automatically rise, and as you press the accelerator, nearly a ton of thrust pushes the Aquada onto the water surface. The whole process takes less than 12 seconds, the company says.

    The Aquada set the world water speed record for crossing the English Channel.

  • Aquada and waterskiier

    The Aquada enters the water via beach, boat ramp, slipway or directly from the water's edge. It is strong enough to tow a waterskiier.

Topic: Tech Industry

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