Photos: Ballmer the Monkey Boy is back

Photos: Ballmer the Monkey Boy is back

Summary: CEO Steve Ballmer was asked to reprise his Monkey Boy developers-developers-developers speech, this time touting Web developers.

TOPICS: Microsoft

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  • At Mix '08, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was asked to reprise his famous Monkey Boy developers, developers, developers speech, this time touting Web developers. He complied. Here are screen shots of the Monkey Boy in action.

    Plus, if you'd really like to see Steve Ballmer in action, watch the video.

    Photos by CNET's Ina Fried.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • Dance Monkey Boy, Dance!!!

    What other company could have a manimal for their CEO and still be profitable. Only a monopoly could maintain such control.

    All hail, America's second favorite idiot. Homer Simpson being the first. Peter Griffin is third.
    • Yes, But You Forget

      Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin rule.

      Steve doesn't.
      • This is the diffence between Animation and Reality

        Animation is funny. When these people really do exist, for some reason, they just don't seem to be so funny.
      • You do realize that

        the episode where Homer Simpson was walking down the street in this reality was just an animation trick?

        Until then, you can spend your money in their reality all you like, I will continue to purchase from companies that exist in [i]this[/i] reality
  • RE: (Photos: Ballmer the Monkey Boy is back)

    The greatest motivational and advertising stunt yet. Its popularity has really helped Microsoft make a name for itself. It also shows that Microsoft is committed to its developers and is willing to think out of the box to help them as with the original speech. Most companies can only dream of this type of publicity.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Most people

      Would be locked up by men/women in white coats for doing what Ballmer does in public.

      Ah well, given that you relate to it positively speaks more than mere words.
  • The things some people will do to make a buck

    Yeah, hard to believe.
  • He looks like a wannabe mafioso.

    Yuck. He looks like a wannabe mafioso with his fat balding thug-like look and perpetual trigger-happy insanity. If this guy was running my company, I'd be truly scared.
  • RE: (Photos: Ballmer the Monkey Boy is back)

    he looks like an idiot on steroids. sad, simply sad.