Photos: Battling the bird flu

Photos: Battling the bird flu

Summary: From China to France to Romania, researchers are working to prevent the flu's spread.

TOPICS: China, Health

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  • Photos: Battling the bird flu

    At the Guangdong Winsun Bio Pharmaceutical company in Guangdong Province, China, workers introduce the bird flu virus to chicken embryos to produce vaccines. China has developed a series of vaccines in a bid to control the flu, according to state media. (Photo taken Nov. 1, 2005)

  • Photos: Battling the bird flu

    Philippe Carruette, ornithologist at the Parc du Marquenterre in France, captures migratory birds to observe and band, as well as for stool samples. The park has worked with the Institut Pasteur since 1975 to research and track viruses, such as the bird flu, that are spread by migratory birds.

Topics: China, Health

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