Photos: Behind the scenes at Symantec

Photos: Behind the scenes at Symantec

Summary: Members of Symantec Research Labs give CNET a peek into their daily projects, focused on enterprise security.

TOPICS: Symantec, Security

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  • Gerry Egan

    Gerry Egan is a product manager in the Advanced Concepts group at Symantec Research Labs. The group works on products, such as database audits and security appliances, that are technically near completion but for which Symantec still has to scope out the market opportunity.

  • Mark Bregman, Stephen Trilling

    Symantec Research Labs falls under the office of the Chief Technology Officer Mark Bregman (left). Stephen Trilling (right) is vice president of research and advanced development, and oversees all research activities at Symantec.

Topics: Symantec, Security

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