Photos: BlackBerry's big fans in D.C., Hollywood

Photos: BlackBerry's big fans in D.C., Hollywood

Summary: From Karl Rove to Lindsay Lohan, A-list types can't get enough of RIM's "CrackBerry"--and may soon have to go through withdrawal.


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  • Karl Rove

    Research In Motion's BlackBerry has long been a most-favored gadget among the nation's political elite. But power brokers and BlackBerry power users like White House insider Karl Rove (right, seen here in a photo from August 2004 with White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagen) could be forced to overcome their "CrackBerry" addictions soon, if a pending court case leads to a shutdown of the wireless phone and e-mail service in the U.S.

  • Loni Miller

    Loni Miller, a White House presidential advance staffer, uses her BlackBerry to make plans for a day of electioneering in the 2004 presidential campaign.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    The BlackBerry is popular among high-profile entertainers, too. Actress Lindsay Lohan keeps hers handy while strolling in Hollywood in September 2005.

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