Photos: BlackBerry's big fans in D.C., Hollywood

Photos: BlackBerry's big fans in D.C., Hollywood

Summary: From Karl Rove to Lindsay Lohan, A-list types can't get enough of RIM's "CrackBerry"--and may soon have to go through withdrawal.


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  • Usher

    Singer Usher takes a call while attending a Rosa Cha fashion show in September.

  • Anthony Kiedis

    Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers strikes a reflective pose with his BlackBerry on an August day in the Soho district of New York.

  • Flickr

    You don't have to be famous, though, to use the BlackBerry. One Flickr user earlier this month made it the subject of a photo taken using Kodak's new V570 dual-lens camera.

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