Photos: Canon fires digital camera barrage

Photos: Canon fires digital camera barrage

Summary: Canon gives its digital camera lineup a complete overhaul--and adds some new printers as well.

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  • Canon PowerShot S80 is an 8-megapixel digital camera that features XGA-size movie mode, a 2.5-inch LCD image processor and a 28mm lens.

  • Canon pictures the high-end market with its 12.8 megapixel EOS 5D digital SLR. It can shoot up to 3 frames per second and record up to 60 full-resolution JPEGs and 17 RAW images in a single burst. It's expected to be available in October for an estimated price of $3,299.

  • The Canon PowerShot SD550 was designed for the photographer who is looking for style. The 7.1-megapixel digital camera includes 3.0x optical zoom lenses, four new scene modes (foliage, snow, beach and fireworks), and movie recording with sound.

Topic: Hardware

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