Photos: Celebs mug for The Smoking Gun

Photos: Celebs mug for The Smoking Gun

Summary: The muckraking Web site has turned up plenty of mug shots of well-known figures. Here are some.

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  • Yasmin Bleeth

    Michigan police nabbed former "Baywatch" star Yasmin Bleeth for alleged cocaine possession in September 2001.

  • Johnny Cash

    Country music legend Johnny Cash was arrested by U.S. Customs officials at El Paso airport in October 1965 for allegedly carrying hundreds of pep pills and tranquilizers.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Martin Luther King, Jr., 27, was arrested by Alabama police in February 1956 during the Montgomery bus boycotts. The historic mug shot was discovered in 2004. No one knows when the notations "DEAD" and "4-4-68" were written on the picture.

Topic: Tech Industry

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