Photos: Chess supercomputer crushes grandmaster

Photos: Chess supercomputer crushes grandmaster

Summary: The United Kingdom's top chess player was soundly beaten by Hydra, a clustered system of 32 PCs.

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware

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  • Chess supercomputer crushes grandmaster

    Chess grandmaster Michael Adams discusses his loss to Hydra, a supercomputer with the processing power of 200 million moves a second. He managed a draw in six games. According to the tournament site, Match Arbiter Albert Vasse said he's never seen a human play as well against a machine and conceded that humans don't stand a chance anymore.

  • The Hydra chess supercomputer is a cluster of 16 nodes of four computers, with each node holding 32GB of memory. It lives in a server room in Abu Dhabi. For the match Hydra utilized 32 PCs running on Intel Xeon 3.06GHz processors.

Topics: PCs, Hardware

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