Photos: Concept cars keep on truckin'

Photos: Concept cars keep on truckin'

Summary: The Chicago Auto Show features International's glass-roofed MXT, Toyota's boxy F3R and more.

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  • F-250 Super Chief

    Concept cars arrived in all shapes and sizes at the Chicago Auto Show this week. Ford's F-250 Super Chief is designed to run on three different types of fuel--hydrogen, E85 ethanol or gasoline--and travel 500 miles per fill-up. Plus, the roof is made of glass, "bisected," according to the press material for the show, "by a leather-wrapped grid of American walnut."

  • Dodge Rampage

    Chrysler's 2006 Dodge Rampage is a custom truck that sports a new style. This "family" vehicle has five seats and sliding rear doors for passengers.

  • Toyota F3R

    Make yourself at home in Toyota's F3R minivan. The driver's seat reclines and swivels, the passenger's seat transforms into a chaise longue, and the left-hand seat joins the third-row seat to form a couch. Plus, there are two LCD screens.

Topic: Hardware

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