Photos: Concept PCs at IDF 2006

Photos: Concept PCs at IDF 2006

Summary: Hello, my TV. An Intel demo guy speaks into his remote.

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware

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  • Liquid cooling system

    In the upper-left corner is a self-contained liquid cooling system. Gamers are increasingly demanding faster chips, which lead to increases in ambient heat. The liquid inside the system is a combination of water and antifreeze.

  • PC in the wall

    For those gadget nuts, here's a Viiv PC embedded in a wall. It controls the TV, DVR, DVD and stereo.

  • Boeing airplace wheel

    The wheels on the plane go round and round. This wheel, from a Boeing airplane, is on display at IDF. Computers monitor the wheel's air pressure when it's actually on a plane.

Topics: PCs, Hardware

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