Photos: Convicted for endangering a computer

Photos: Convicted for endangering a computer

Summary: Some Webshots' users show a knack for putting their personal data in jeopardy.

TOPICS: Laptops

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  • Waiting to chase the mouse

    Waiting to chase the mouse

    Nothing improves a laptop's performance more than cat hair! Heck, I doubt this laptop is going to last long enough for the hair to be a problem. This laptop is sitting so far over the edge, a sudden move by our sleepy feline could send the machine onto the floor.

    Submitted by mere8414

  • Bathroom laptop

    Bathroom laptop

    I saved the best for last. Yes, laptops are portable computers you can take almost anywhere, but come on! The bathroom is a veritable mine field of laptop dangers--water, hard floors, soap, slippery surfaces. Did I mention the water? This user may get lucky and never have an accident. But my cynical side knows better. This ThinkPad will likely end up in pieces on the ceramic tile or fried in the sink.

    Submitted by fritchbitch

Topic: Laptops

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