Photos: Convicted for endangering a computer

Photos: Convicted for endangering a computer

Summary: Some Webshots' users show a knack for putting their personal data in jeopardy.

TOPICS: Laptops

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  • Computer desk or garbage dump?

    Computer desk or garbage dump?

    By hiding the computer under a mountain of trash, this user is cleverly protecting it from would-be thieves. I can hear the user asking a support tech "Is grease in the power supply a bad thing?"

    Submitted by jipjob

  • Watch where you sit

    Watch where you sit

    This user is letting her computer "air dry" after a friend spilled a beverage on it. Although the spill is bad enough, my favorite aspect of this picture is the laptop's precarious position on the desk chair. I would hate to see this ThinkPad become a $1,500 seat cushion. Luckily, the user has applied an overabundance of colorful stickers to the machine's top that will alert passers by.

    Submitted by nikiwfu

  • Sink full of keys

    Sink full of keys

    This hungry user spilled Ramen noodles all over her keyboard. Hopefully she'll be able to put all the keys back together again.

    Submitted by audder100

Topic: Laptops

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