Photos: Convicted for endangering a computer

Photos: Convicted for endangering a computer

Summary: Some Webshots' users show a knack for putting their personal data in jeopardy.

TOPICS: Laptops

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  • Sink full of keys

    Sink full of keys

    This hungry user spilled Ramen noodles all over her keyboard. Hopefully she'll be able to put all the keys back together again.

    Submitted by audder100
  • Peach-flavored laptop

    Peach-flavored laptop

    This user spilled peach schnapps on her laptop. What's funny about her situation is that she's following her friend Katie's advice for "tent drying" the machine. How did Katie know what to do? She spilled hot chocolate on her Dell laptop, and Dell Support suggested this very technique. This user should have learned from her friend's mistake and not kept open containers of schnapps around her laptop in the first place.

    Submitted by katelyn928

  • Duct tape wiring job

    Duct tape wiring job

    Undeterred by a broken power cord, this enterprising user mended the cable with duct tape. I'm a huge fan of fixing problems with duct tape, but not exposed wires. She should have replaced the power cord or, at the very least, used electrical tape. I see call to tech support in her future, or the fire department.

    Submitted by jaxx121

Topic: Laptops

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