Photos: Cool gizmos on display

Photos: Cool gizmos on display

Summary: The Cool Products Expo at Stanford showcases novel products from a solar car to a high-tech sled.


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  • Cyclone chamber

    The Cool Products Expo at Stanford University on Wednesday showcased a range of novel products.

    Here, the cyclone chamber from a Dyson vacuum cleaner. The chamber swirls around, and the centrifugal force pushes dirt out of the way of the suction. James Dyson came up with the idea after seeing an industrial wood chipper, sort of like those things they used to dispose of bodies with in the movie "Fargo."

  • Small Dyson

    A small Dyson with a telescopic handle. The company sells this model in Japan. It doesn't have an on-off switch that you step on because Japanese consumers don't like to turn things off with their feet.

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