Photos: Cruise, Degeneres save Yahoo demo

Photos: Cruise, Degeneres save Yahoo demo

Summary: When a tech demo goes awry, Yahoo's CEO calls on a Hollywood star to dazzle the audience.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Terry Semel

    Yahoo CEO Terry Semel delivers his keynote address at CES 2006 on Friday morning.

  • Tom Cruise

    Gremlins did in the Yahoo Go TV demo during Semel's keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show on Friday, putting the Yahoo CEO and fellow executives in a bind. Semel put an end to the ad libbing by calling Hollywood star Tom Cruise on stage to entertain the crowd. "I guess if you're going to have a demo glitch (there is no) better way to follow it up than with Tom Cruise," Semel said.

Topic: Hardware

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