Photos: Dell CTO pushes virtualization

Photos: Dell CTO pushes virtualization

Summary: Kevin Kettler describes the mechanics of virtualization in a speech at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in Boston.

TOPICS: Dell, Virtualization

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  • Kevin Kettler

    Dell Chief Technology Officer Kevin Kettler touted the advantages of virtualization at a LinuxWorld Conference and Expo speech in Boston on Wednesday.

  • non-interfering partitions

    Virtualization will let users encapsulate different tasks into non-interfering partitions that can be devoted to functions such as secure Web browsing, gaming, media processing and file serving, Kettler said.

  • Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Kettler demonstrated running Windows Server 2003 in one virtual machine and Red Hat Enterprise Linux in another. Each operating system could access Web pages hosted by the other.

Topics: Dell, Virtualization

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