Photos: Doing the RSA security dance

Photos: Doing the RSA security dance

Summary: Dancers take the stage to interpret the theme of this year's RSA Conference: ancient Vedic mathematics.

TOPICS: Security

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  • RSA dancers

    Every year, the RSA Conference is built around a historical theme that highlights a significant use, or misuse, of information security. This year's theme: ancient Vedic mathematics and a mathematical sage named Aryabhatta. Here, dancers take the stage for the prekeynote theme show.

  • RSA dancers

    In 499 CE, in Kusumpura, capital of the Gupta Empire in classical India, Aryabhatta, only 23, published an astronomical treatise written in 118 Sanskrit verses. His slender volume, the Aaryabhat.iiya, was to become one of the most brilliant achievements in the history of mathematics, with far-ranging implications in the East and West.

Topic: Security

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