Photos: Electric Sheep lights up virtual worlds

Photos: Electric Sheep lights up virtual worlds

Summary: Corporate and nonprofit clients wanting to establish beachheads in the virtual world "Second Life" are fueling a D.C. start-up.

TOPICS: Start-Ups

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  • Radio show

    NPR recently hosted a radio show about "Second Life" inside Electric Sheep's tower in the virtual world.

  • Virtual phone booth

    As part of its efforts to showcase its VoIP technology inside "Second Life," Vivox hired a consultant called Home Depoz to build a virtual phone booth with a working phone.

  • Jibun Life

    Electric Sheep worked on a project called "Jibun Life" in the "Second Life" teen grid designed to connect kids' groups and classrooms around the world in an immersive, 3D community. For the project, Electric Sheep built a Japanese-themed village.

Topic: Start-Ups

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