Photos: Emerging technologies at MIT

Photos: Emerging technologies at MIT

Summary: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Kresge Auditorium -- the site of MIT's Emerging Technology Conference -- on a clear, crisp, cool morning just before the September 2005 edition of the event.

TOPICS: Laptops

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  • Numenta founder (formerly of Palm and Handspring) Jeff Hawkins takes the stage at MIT's September 2005 Emerging Technologies Conference to discuss the idea of hierarchical temporal memory (HTM). Hawkins has written extensively about the idea in his book On Intelligence.

  • One of the first prototypes of the $100 laptop, the result of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project currently underway at the MIT Media Labs under the direction of Media Lab director Nicholas Negroponte. Negroponte considers the project to be the most important one of his life.

  • MIT Media Labs $100 laptop prototype for its One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project. According to MIT Media Labs director Nicholas Negroponte, because of the environments in which these notebooks must survive (eg: the jungles of Cambodia), these machines will be made of rubber, and will hermetically seal when closed. The AC power cord doubles as the shoulder strap. The ruggedized laptop can be self-powered, too -- its wind-up crank, designers hope, will deliver 10 minutes of power for every one minute of cranking.

Topic: Laptops

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