Photos: Emerging technologies at MIT

Photos: Emerging technologies at MIT

Summary: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Kresge Auditorium -- the site of MIT's Emerging Technology Conference -- on a clear, crisp, cool morning just before the September 2005 edition of the event.

TOPICS: Laptops

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  • Segway inventor Dean Kamen talking about his next invention at MIT's Emerging Technologies Conference. According to Kamen, billions of dollars are being poured into curing diseases that afflict 20 percent of the world's ill. But the other 80 percent are succumbing to bad, undrinkable (unpotable) water. So, he's building a dirt cheap box that solves the problem and that can be distributed all over the world. Said Kamen about how to make it work: "Just add water." According to Kamen's co-workers, the device even works with urine. "If it has water in it, we can get drinking water from it," one of them said.

  • Dean Kamen's instruction sheet for how to use his invention for purifying water: In case you can't read it, step 1 is "Just add any water." Step 2 is "See step 1." Said Kamen, the goal was to devise a box that makes commercially available purified water look like toxic waste.

  • founder Joshua Schachter gives a demonstration of his public bookmarking service and how its underlying folksonomy not only helps people find more documents that may be of interest to them, but also connects people with common interests. The presentation was given during the panel discussion on Social Networking at MIT's September 2005 Emerging Technologies Conference. Other panelists in the session were founder Mark Cordover, founder Dennis Crowley, and Nokia's user experience manager Chris Heathcote. If you haven't seen, it's worth a look. Nokia seemed out of place at first. But Heathcote reminded the audience that the company's tagline is "Connecting People."

Topic: Laptops

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