Photos: Firefox filmmaker

Photos: Firefox filmmaker

Summary: Pete Macomber is hoping for a little exposure after winning Mozilla's "Firefox Flicks" competition.

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  • Ella Hubley, star of the winning film

    Ella Hubley is a 14-year-old surfer-skateboarder-daredevil and also the subject of a homemade short film produced by Pete Macomber, winner of a contest held by Mozilla to promote its Firefox Web browser.

  • Pete Macomber, the film's director

    Pete Macomber, 33, is the winner of a filmmaking contest held by Mozilla to promote the Firefox browser. Macomber, from Venice, Calif., produced a short called "Daredevil," the story of a 14-year-old girl who enjoys surfing waves and surfing the Net with Firefox.

Topic: Browser

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