Photos: First look at comet dust

Photos: First look at comet dust

Summary: NASA scientists have opened the Stardust probe and found particles from the tail of a comet.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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    Scientists at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, realize that the Stardust mission was a success as they remove the aerogel trap filled with comet dust from the space probe. The Stardust probe returned to Earth on Sunday after completing a seven year, 2.9 billion mile trip to comet Wild 2 where it captured samples from the comet's tail.

  • comet dust

    Scientists uncovered pieces of comet dust which was captured in aerogel, a sponge-like solid made of 99 percent empty space. NASA reported that the number of samples exceeded expectations.

  • comet dust

    Here's another closeup look at a cometary fragment that was caught by aerogel.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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