Photos: Forty years of lasers at Coherent

Photos: Forty years of lasers at Coherent

Summary: John Ambroseo, CEO of the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in photonics, gives CNET a behind-the-scenes look at lasers.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Trade magazine ads from the '60s

    Ah, the '60s. The golden age of trade magazine advertising. The gentleman with the cigar, Wayne Melferd, still works at Coherent. He designs lasers but has since given up cigars.

  • Clothing manufacturer uses lasers

    A clothing manufacturer uses lasers from Coherent to cut fabric, burn holes into shirts or bleach a pattern into the fabric. The bleaching is accomplished by turning the power down. In Asia, kiosks now let consumers bleach a digital photograph onto their pants.

  • Using lasers to replace conventional light sources in TVs

    Coherent is looking at ways to use lasers to replace conventional light sources in rear-projection TVs or digital cinema systems. Lasers can provide a wider spectrum of colors. The color spectrum for standard light sources is on the left.

Topic: Hardware

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