Photos: Fourteen views of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

Photos: Fourteen views of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

Summary: Here's a preview of what we know about the upcoming operating system release from Apple.


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  • Although Leopard isn't due to hit store shelves until October 2007, Steve Jobs gave another preview at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. Out of the 300 new features, here are 14, most of which have already been announced. What Jobs did at WWDC was expand a little on each. While there are no "killer apps," what we see only heightens our anticipation more for that final release.

    Photo Credit: Apple

  • Jobs did confirm that BootCamp would be included, and will include Windows drivers. A setup assistant creates a Windows partition on your hard drive, making setup much easier under Leopard. Now you can run Windows apps natively on your Mac. If you need to run the Windows apps concurrently with Mac, you'll need Parallels or VMware (available separately).

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  • Nice screenshots of Leopard.

    But then I'd have to buy the hardware, so I'd stick with Windows for now (I'm beta-testing Windows Server 2008 with Vista Aero theme; using Windows Server 2008 for web/home automation/DHCP server).
    Grayson Peddie
    • Dah, yup... and den you need a brain too !

      How interesting ! Can anybody tell me what all this has got to do with the subject. Maybe you should have plugged your local key maker at the grocery store too. WHO CARES ? Why do DOSies always have to blah-blah on a subject they know nothing about. Just can't wait for the next Vista mishap report so I can make a interesting comment like. Winston Curchill sure was fat, wasn't he ?

      Can anybody here say, Dah !
  • Calling MJF....

    ...need to see this:
    • Holy crap!

      Man, that woman was really slammin' MJF! I don't get the personal insults though considering this woman is saying she is a "professional" when comparing herself to Mary Jo.
      • Try this one:
    • Funny how, when you don't have an argument...

      ...go the route of "Bambi" and simply attack the writer.

      For the record, if you take off the green-tinted spectagoggles and actually bother to read the drivel that Ms Bambi ranted, it becomes fairly obvious that she hasn't got a clue how to respond and goes on a name calling fest with [sarcasm]gems[/sarcasm] such as:

      [i]"...You’re kidding, right? Does Mary Jo work for the same folks who pay John Dvorak for his drivel? Or blather? I get those two mixed up. For what it’s worth, Mary Jo could simply be John Dvorak in drag. She looks pretty good, too, but didn’t fool me at all..."[/i]

      [i]"...ZDNet’s latest intern from the Culver-Stockton College School of Journalistic Wannabes..."[/i]

      [i]"...I wonder how many shoes she’s shined at various and sundry Windows shows? With a short skirt, heels, low cut top, and big smile, even interns can get work in technology..."[/i]

      and the tirade goes on.

      So, to respond in kind:

      1) Bambi...please. If you EVER want someone to take you seriously you need to bleach out the stupid / blonde and change your ridiculous name.
      2) You rant at MJF for poor quality writing? At least she is writing on a commercial blog for a tech magazine, and not some trashy Mac-love worship site's low grade forum.

      and finally...

      3) 5'11" with 4" heels, ropey blonde hair and skanky red lipstick. Tech journalist doesn't immediately come to mind...

      Meanwhile, back on topic:
      The screenies of Mac OS X show that a lot of idea borrowing goes each way between MS and Apple. The only feature that I saw as being interesting was Time Machine. This looks like a very cool feature to have in rescuing documents, albeit previous versions or completely deleted ones.
      • ***** envy

        It's such a pathetic thing to see, and seems to be endemic lately among Windows users.
        • I don't know,

          It seems to be endemic lately among Mac users that they fly off the handle anymore now that people are starting to point out things in Windows that OSX didn't have, and Leopard was delayed to include.

          I don't see the GM owners get bent out of shape when Ford added satalite radio to their cars after GM did nor the reverse with side air bags.

          Why do Apple users get bent out of shape when someone points out that a new feature in their OS was actually used earlier by someone else?
          John Zern
          • What features do you speak of John ?

            The ones Microsoft has blatantly been copying from APPLE the last two decades . Be honest with yourself , you know as well as I do that Windows is a cheap fake wannabe of the Mac OS , always has been , always will be . Why wont Microsoft finally remove the GUI they have taken from APPLE a long time ago . Oh that's right , they can't because then Windows would be as naked as the emperor at Redmond.
          • They don't

            when it's an accurate statement. Mac users were very happy OS X copied Windows commnand-tab app switching.

            But when Windows zealots make asinine claims like Time Machine is a rip-off of Shadow Copy, then they get called for being ignoramouses.

            People generally choose Macs after exposure to Windows, whereas most Windows users resign themselves to using Windows as the path of least resistance. There are a certain percentage of Windows users who get defensive about this and so lash out. ZDnet seems to attract them.
          • Correction

            People should read Mac users.
          • Very good summation. [nt]

          • Correction #2

            [i]There are a certain percentage of [b]Windows[/b] users who get defensive about this and so lash out. ZDnet seems to attract them.[/i]

            Windows should read Windows, Mac, and Linux. ;)
          • Research

            because most of those features were already in TIGER way ahead of Vista. It was the
            way the article was written which sounded like it was copied from Vista. She
            apparently hasn't heard of TIGER -- some of those presented during the Keynote were
          • You have to be kidding

            What, in God's name tell me, what is new in Vista that OS X didn't already have and is
            now in Leopard? Tell me, please, I really can't wait.
          • You said it, YOU don't know, EOS (End Of Subject)

            Maybe you could explain why Microsoft elected to produce their first GUI (something you call Windows) Word, Multiplan and Microsoft Chart, released in 1985 for the Macintosh 512 ? Which would cover, who was first. First GUI, First GUI Applications and furthermore First GUI Applications that used Standard Drop Down Menus and Commands that were consistent throughout the complete application line. One of the things that Microsoft produced, but never understood to use in the Windows Office products. The Same command in the Same Menu, in the Same place with the Same name. Learn one application and you've learned them all, that's what lead us to Macintosh. The rest of us, who have better things to accomplish than play where's the memorize command, or was it save command, maybe it was under the File Menu, no it's called store now.

            Since cars are apparently more easily understood in your area, GM and Ford don't haggle because they are too worried about how pleased consumers are with their Toyotas.

            But even I will admit, that it's not who's first, it's who's BETTER.
        • Envy is right .

          It's all that they have . Every time I take a look at Leopard I say to myself , I wish I had you installed on my Powermac . But it's all good , Leopards time will come , and when it does you will see all the MS users talking some more cash *hit like always . Here is the thing , they fear what they don't understand . So they will always go on the offensive because deep down they know Mac OS X is the worlds most advanced/innovative OS on the planet . That's right ! One thing is for sure October/November is coming real soon . I was reading an article about vista ultimate users demanding that Microsoft release the cool lil apps that are suppose to be available soon for vista ultimate package . Currently there are none . That's because Microsoft is waiting for Leopard to hit the streets so they can start copying and later introduce these lil apps to its user base . It's all about timing at Redmond , when it comes to an OS they don't really know how to innovate , that's how it has always been since day one . Microsoft lags and Apple continues to exceed .
    • John Dvorak

      I like Dvorak. He's cranky like No_Axe_To_Grind and outrageously funny like Mike Cox. This woman is just spiteful. MJ envy no doubt.
    • OMG

      this is how the community goes off when an Apple product gets something negative implied about it?

      Lets hope no death threats are made, like the guy who gutted the Mac on line received...
      John Zern
      • Well if that's what the man did , then he is immature and envious of APPLE