Photos: From Ambient Orb to wired bunny

Photos: From Ambient Orb to wired bunny

Summary: Cut from similar cloth as the famous orb, the Nabaztag Smart Rabbit brings wiggly ears to the smart object.

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • Nabaztag Smart Rabbit

    The Nabaztag Smart Rabbit from Violet is a Hello Kitty-like "smart object" connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The high-tech bunny is linked to the Nabaztag Web site and lights up and/or wiggles its ears to convey various data drawn from the Net. It can also be programmed to read RSS feeds, e-mails and text messages out loud. Owners set preferences for which items they'd like read. The rabbit can also play MP3s, voicemail messages (only in France), and Nabcasts--podcasts recorded by members of the Nabaztag community.

  • Dressed-up rabbits

    As with iPods, people are asked to name their Nabaztag device when registering. So far, about 50,000 people have one of the gizmos. Many have taken the idea of personification quite far, dressing up their rabbits. Photos of the rabbits and their habitats are shared on a community Web site called the Nabazta(blo)g. One person from Texas went so far as to send in a video of himself skydiving with his Nabaztag.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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