Photos: Future tech at Microsoft Innovation day

Photos: Future tech at Microsoft Innovation day

Summary: Microsoft hosted its fourth Innovation Day in Brussels with partners showing off the tech wares they predict could take off in the near future.


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  • You can also interact with the Smart Board by using the touchscreen to write the names of items you want to check are in the house or need to be added to your shopping list.

  • Here is the Intelligent Mirror, also part of Living Tomorrow's vision of the home of the future.

    Designed for people who need to closely monitor their health, the mirror displays heart rate and blood pressure--measured via the handle of a toothbrush--and includes reminders for taking medication.

  • This is an application that projects images into real objects held in front of a camera. This is a car brochure (being held to the right of the screen) with a 3D image of the car it relates to being placed on top of the brochure on the screen.

    You can change the car's color by placing your finger on the appropriate parts of the brochure.

    Developed by Virtual Events, it's designed for use in marketing and in retailing.

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  • from useless to dangerous

    we got accustomed with M$ flops or uselless and buggy windoze apps...
    But relying on M$ to drive yor car is like playing russian rullete with 5 rounds in a 6 shooter.
    Linux Geek
    • scary

      although a windows fan, I have to agree with you on that one.
    • That is where Linux is the best choice

      as you are the safest in your car when it will not start in your driveway. No way it could drive you off a bridge at that point. ;)
      • You are confusing operating systems. Windows is the one that has been

        plagued with bugs. But, the problem, is Window does actually bood sometimes, but crash or give the wrong information at thw worst possible time. It really would be better if Windows just did not boot.
      • No, linux is not the best choice...

        Solaris is the best choice. Linux is windows as far as I'm concerned, and not what I use unix for. Now please, bring on the 'omgisnot~! linxu r bettz0r' lines.

        More likely your car will get an unsupported component and start getting horrible gas mileage, while the computer crashes you due to a runtime error.
    • Yes, there are people actually stupid enough to use Windows for safety

      critical applications. It would be funny if it was not so dangerous.
    • Win Linux is on millions of computers and they

      have the innovation day with vendors, then you can comment but until that time - go back to sleep.
  • Microsoft Innovation Day?? That's An Oxymoron...

    Kind of like Army Intelligence.
    • Or "linux user"

      Confused by religion
    • Right, who can name even one innovation from Microsoft.

      Let's see, an innovative business practice. If you can make more money by breaking the law and paying the fines, what is there to think about??? BREAK THE FIRETRUCKING LAW.
      • Name Apple or Linus's innovations

        (without making stuff up)
        • Did you notice it was an event...they did't makeup

          the story but covered it
      • one of Micro$oft's innovations

    • or IT analyst...

  • my opinions . . .

    Self-driving computerized car: Sounds cool, but it'll have to be very realistic to be useful. Besides, it's already being done with real vehicles - they know what DARPA is, right?

    Smart board: Sounds useful - if it doesn't cost as much as a small car. I worry greatly about price.

    Intelligent Monitor: No thanks. I smell privacy issues.

    3D car on a card thingy: I can see this being a fad for the marketing folks, but won't last much longer than a few months.

    Virtual events: Again, another marketing fad.

    Robot: Looks ugly and not real news, as I've heard about robots like this before.

    Map thing: Umm - have ANY of these people used a GPS before? Nearly all GPS devices have this. It's difficult to buy one that CAN'T do this.

    Whiteboard: I've seen the occasional one at a large college, but I think the price means most colleges will stick to regular whiteboards and projectors.
  • Microsoft driving my car? May as well end it with a gun.

    I can imagine microsoft software driving my car. Right when changing lanes at 70 miles/hr it would blue-screen and I'd be hurtling off the highway into the abyss. Or maybe it would get stuck when I'm already late for work, demanding to be "activated" [b]right this instant[/b] or else it won't allow the car to move.

    Going by the number of crashes I've seen on the so-called "smart phones" running windows, and the various other windows powered devices which have gone BSOD, this scenario is not only probable but very likely.

    Lovely. I'd rather shoot myself and end it quickly.
  • I'd love to try out technologies powered by Microsoft.

    I have huge interest on technologies and if I could program via C#/, it'd be great to integrate into a house with Speech API.
    Grayson Peddie
  • and here we go again, whine whine whine

    "just because windows isnt perfect, it doesnt mean everything else is good"

    love that saying and stand by it..

    whens the last time you saw INNOVATION like this from and linux camps. I mean real-world INNOVATION?

    If this sort of technology was implemented to actually drive your car, then it would have to pass strict standards, like ANY other componenents in a vehicle. How many times do you fly a plane? Do you have any idea how much of an aircraft is controlled and monitored by electronics/computer equipment? what makes the difference? Not a lot, its all programming.

    As software gets closer to critical (as in live or death) the standards go up. Try thinking as an adult before whining.
    • Thank you!

      I'm glad someone on this forum has some sense. I'm a graduate student in mechanical engineering and I know that automated or assisted car control (which has an active application in crash detection and prevention) is a very hot topic! And with small groups and powerhouses like Microsoft working on such INNOVATIONS, they may actually be realized.

      And if you're scared of a little automation in your life, well, as mentioned, don't even think of stepping onto an airplane. Actually forget about cars, too; those are largely automated, either mechanically or electronically. Watch out for that coffee maker, also.

      To say that Microsoft isn't an innovative company is ridiculous. Yes, Mac lovers, Apple is innovative also. Yes, Linux lovers...nevermind.
    • AMEN Brother! HAHAHA Which camp of the 100's

      them getting together would be innovation in itself.