Photos: Gearing up to enter Apple's glass cube

Photos: Gearing up to enter Apple's glass cube

Summary: Steve Jobs joins crowd in anticipation of the opening of the Mac maker's underground flagship store in Manhattan.


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  • Jobs with crowd looking at the cube

    Jobs examines the 32-foot glass cube that is the entrance to the Manhattan Apple store. With a team, the CEO helped design the structure.

  • Jobs, Johnson and fountain

    Jobs and Ron Johnson, senior vice president of retail at Apple, examine fountains in GM Plaza, which sits above Apple's flagship store on Fifth Avenue, before Friday evening's grand opening.

  • Crowd lined up to see Jobs

    A crowd of people lines up outside the site of the new Apple store on Friday to get a glimpse of Steve Jobs, as he inspects the 32-foot glass cube that sits atop the underground store's entrance.

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