Photos: Gearing up to enter Apple's glass cube

Photos: Gearing up to enter Apple's glass cube

Summary: Steve Jobs joins crowd in anticipation of the opening of the Mac maker's underground flagship store in Manhattan.


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  • Rain at Apple's new store

    Heavy rain and thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday could not keep these Apple fans away from the grand opening of the new flagship store in Manhattan. The store is set to open on Friday at 6 p.m. EST.

  • Travelers

    Some Apple enthusiasts traveled from as far away as Scotland and Germany to attend the grand opening of the new store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, across the street from Central Park and the Plaza Hotel.

  • Gary Allen

    Gary Allen, from Berkeley, Calif., has been to several Apple grand openings around the world, including two openings in Japan and the opening of the London store. He has been standing (and sitting) in line in front of the Apple store since the wee hours of Thursday morning. He runs a Web site called Ifo Apple Store where he posts a blog about store openings. He is blogging live about the Fifth Avenue grand opening.

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