Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

Summary: Among other things, San Francisco car conference features a VW prototype that runs on liquid hydrogen and pumps water vapor out of its tailpipe.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

    Volkwagen's HyMotion hydrogen fuel cell prototype. It can hit a top speed of 87 miles per hour and go for around 120 miles on a tank of liquid hydrogen. However, it may not hit the road for another 10 years. The car is on display at the 12th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems taking place in San Francisco this week.

  • Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

    The engine of the HyMotion. Hydrogen flows into the fuel cell, which grabs electrons to run an engine. Water vapor comes out of the tailpipe.

Topic: Hardware

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