Photos: High-tech 'Mona Lisa'

Photos: High-tech 'Mona Lisa'

Summary: Homage is paid in true geek style to Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of La Gioconda.

TOPICS: Hardware

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    Fans of "The Da Vinci Code" or TV's "Alias" series may be able to find a conspiracy theory to explain this melding of computer technology and classic art, but none comes readily to mind. At the very least, it's a novel way to recycle e-scrap.

    Taiwanese electronics maker Asustek Computer has crafted this replica of the "Mona Lisa" from obsolete motherboards--the image is easier to discern the further you scooch your chair away from your monitor. It's on display at the 9th China Beijing International High-tech Expo.

  • Close-up on a chip

    A close-up of the enigmatic smile--not to mention CPUs, memory chips and solder.

    For a gallery of images, from a tiny train to Marvin the Martian, rendered deep within silicon, click here.

Topic: Hardware

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