Photos: High-tech prosthetics

Photos: High-tech prosthetics

Summary: Prosthetics have evolved from devices that use simple mechanics to complex, computerized machines that respond to sensors attached to the body.

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  • Ossur Cheetah Flex-Foot

    Inspired by the shape of a cheetah's rear leg, the Cheetah Flex-Foot prosthetic sprinting foot allows runners to gain a little extra altitude. Made of carbon fiber, the foot was designed by Van Phillips, engineered by Hilary Pouchak and manufactured by Ossur North America. The runner pictured here is Marlon Shirley.

  • Ossur GII 3DX ligament brace

    The Ossur GII 3DX ligament brace.

  • Cameron Clapp's C-Leg from Bock

    Cameron Clapp competes at the 2005 Endeavor Games with the help of C-Leg prosthetic devices. Microprocessors in the knee guide a hydraulic system that influences each step.

    Processors have been used to add stability to prosthetic limbs since the mid-1990s. Otto Bock HealthCare has been successfully producing the chip-controlled C-Leg limb since 1999.

Topic: Processors

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