Photos: Honda gets Fit

Photos: Honda gets Fit

Summary: Carmaker will begin selling its Fit subcompact in the U.S. this spring and may create a low-cost hybrid version of it.

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    A five-door hatchback, the Honda Fit has a fuel economy rating of 33 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. A hybrid version could boost that figure to up to 80 miles per gallon, according to a Japanese newspaper.

  • Insight Hybrid

    Honda's current low-priced hybrid vehicle is the 2006 Insight Hybrid with a suggested starting price of $19,330. Honda says a three-door, manual-transmission model can get up to 66 miles per gallon.

  • Civic Hybrid

    The next model up is the 2006 Honda Civic Hyrid which has a base price of $21,850 excluding fees and extras.

Topic: Tech Industry

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