Photos: Hydrogen hits the road

Photos: Hydrogen hits the road

Summary: Honda's FCX, a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, takes to the road. And it's got company.

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • FCX fuel cells

    Honda's fuel cell stack provides power to the compact car. It can operate at temperatures as low as 4 below zero and as high as 203 degrees.

  • GM's Hydrogen 3

    Honda isn't the only automaker working at the low end of the periodic table. General Motors' Hydrogen 3, a compact minivan that seats five, operates on liquid and compressed hydrogen. It can store the hydrogen at up to 10,000 psi, at which pressure hydrogen is a liquid, and can power the vehicle for 250 miles.

  • Hydrogen-powered bus

    Vehicles don't have to be compact to run on hydrogen. This bus, which is used in Perth, Western Australia, runs on fuel cells. (Its exhaust is steam.)

Topic: Mobility

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