Photos: IBM delivers Wii chips to Nintendo

Photos: IBM delivers Wii chips to Nintendo

Summary: The launch of Nintendo's Wii gaming console is getting closer as IBM delivers the first batch of processors.

TOPICS: IBM, Hardware, Processors

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  • Wii chips

    IBM says it has begun shipping a PowerPC CPU, code-named "Broadway," that was developed with Nintendo for its next-gen gaming console.

    While the exact launch date and price is still not set, Nintendo hopes to release Wii in the United States before the Christmas with a price tag under $250. Nintendo plans to give more details at a Sept. 14 press event.

    IBM Test Engineer Jim Myers (left) inspects a tray of Nintendo chip modules at the company's Burlington, Vermont Test Center.

  • Wii

    The Nintendo Wii, powered by an IBM CPU and ATI graphics, will not be as powerful as its two main competitors, Microsoft's already-released Xbox 360 and Sony's upcoming Playstation 3.

    The Xbox 360 is able to render graphics up to 720p (lines of detail) and the Playstation 3 plans graphics up to 1080p, while the Wii will output at 480p. Nintendo plans to compete with a lower system price and its unique controller.

Topics: IBM, Hardware, Processors

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