Photos: In search of quake's shadows

Photos: In search of quake's shadows

Summary: A bunch of earthquake fanatics explores the streets, facades, basements and rooftops of downtown San Francisco.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

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  • Old and new

    In the San Francisco Financial District, buildings that survived the big earthquake stand side by side with ultra-modern high-rises. They serve as a reminder of the catastrophe that occurred a century ago.

  • Central Tower

    Earthquake tour participants admire the x-shaped steel braces in the basement of the Central Tower. Thanks to these, the house built for the newspaper the Morning Call in 1898 withstood the earthquake.

  • Cracked, but standing

    The small building at Second Street that houses Henry's cafeteria went through both earthquake and fire without a scratch. Its tall and narrow neighbor suffered worse--still standing, it has cracks all over the facade.

Topic: Tech Industry

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